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ON THE DESK | Wood Engraving Experiment


ON THE DESK | Wood Engraving | Learning New Techniques  | Wood engraving | 7 x 4 cm | ⁣⁣

| Work In Progress |

My first attempt at Wood engraving, during a course run by the incredible artist Anne Desmet RA. Anne specialises in wood engravings, linocuts and mixed media collage.

It was great to just try out the tools & work with lovely Japanese papers! Each one prints very differently. 

I do feel like I need bionic eyes … 

Working on this scale (7 x 4 cm boxwood) It makes me wish I had learnt this 30 years ago, it is a skill which doesn’t come easily or quickly. 

I think a many many many years of perfecting the technique lies ahead of me !

Thanks to @oxfordprintmakers for the course. 



Please do not use the art. 


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Thank you for taking the time to look at my blog.

Inky love x




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