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Intaglio describes any printmaking technique in which the image is produced by incising into the printing plate – the incised line or area holds the ink and creates the image.


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The art of Punctured Artefact is increasingly focused on printmaking, in all of its wonderful variations. Working and experimenting across all intaglio techniques. Including; etching, engraving, drypoint & collagraph .  Each piece is crafted by hand, from initial sketch to hand pulling each print through the etching press. 

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Inky Intaglio



Etching  uses chemical action to produce incised lines in a copper printing plate, which then holds the applied ink and forms the image.


Drypoint creates a slightly raised ragged rough edge to the lines, known as the burr. Created on copper, aluminium & plastics.


Commissions are welcome. We can work to a brief & budget or an open brief.


Not in stock in the shop? You can preorder & receive the piece in 3-4 weeks (or sooner if in a hurry!) We post worldwide

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Forked Fungus Beetle | 2021


Height 12.5 cm x 10 cm width. 


Etching & Roulette on Copper Plate.

Featuring a geometric forked fungus beetle.


This short video, shows the full process from design to print.

The forked fungus beetle belongs to a large family of beetles called darkling beetles, Tenebrionidae. The Bolitotherus Cornutus beetle can be found on hard shelf fungi or in crevices in bark where fungi are attached; especially common on beech and maple trees/logs.

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