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Over the past 2 years, I have decided to take on less commissions, so there may be a little waitlist (I am afraid that I don't take on all commission enquiries). I only take on one or two projects per month. I work towards a specific aesthetic, combining geometry with nature. The art is created with clean lines & dot shading work (nothing too dark or heavy) I work in my own style & only take on commissions which convey symbolism, geometry, sacred geometry & nature. I am afraid that I don’t tattoo onto clients. 

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You can see lots more examples of my tattoo art in the gallery & blog sections of the website. My flash portfolio contains individual pieces, which can be collected & combined into your own unique design. The style of the art is unique to me. They range from small to large scale pieces.  The store is created in collections; symbolism, geometry, nature & the universe. I am a small indi artist , so you won’t seem lots of people with the flash art. They are available as an instant download, so you can take them straight to your chosen tattooist.



Work together to create your design, by providing feedback on ideas presented.


Allow more creative freedom & receive a design without collaboration.


A finished design created from a rough sketch  on the Exclusive Tattoo Flash Page.


Customise a design from the Collectors Flash.

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Large Tattoo


Upper Half Sleeve

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Large Tattoo


Upper Half Sleeve

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Medium Tattoo



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