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The Story

Dionne Marshall is an artist, printmaker & the creator of Punctured Artefact. Dividing her time between intaglio printmaking, drawing, textiles , tattoo & digital art. Based in the beautiful Cotswolds. She works from her own small studio, through a combination of  self directed projects, commissions & collaborations.


The small studio space became the catalyst to developing a precise, signature style of art. Which can be seen across all her methods & materials. 


There is a fascination with (sacred) geometry, symbolism, symmetry & nature. 

The Art

Dionne enjoys the technical challenge of achieving a high level of detail & complexity in her art. 


Creating equilibrium & balance within each piece is important. Lines & patterns work in harmony alongside delicate tones & dot work.


Compositions blend together geometry & nature. Geometric shapes have a strong organic character. Organic shapes have a strong geometric character. Intricate motifs & patterns may reveal & hide their meaning. 

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The Work
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The intaglio image is produced by incising into the printing plate – the incised line or area holds the ink and creates the image.

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Decoration is applied to the surface of vegetable tanned leather with a tattoo machine & black ink

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We offer 4 tattoo service & also have a series of collectors tattoo flash in the store

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Drawings start as scribbles on paper, before being progressed & refined as digital lines in Adobe Illustrator. Originals can be found in the store.

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The Studio
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