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    • GRAPHICS | Alchemy Perfume

      Perfume Packaging | Created in 2017 but not blogged at the time  | I was asked to create the artwork for a box cover, box lid, oil label & perfume bottle label. The brief was to create it as line art, which would then be given to a packaging designer. I was asked to include alchemical & nature influences. The client requested a hummingbird & matrons cube. Ferns & the flower of life were also included. Here is a quick mock up of the collection | Note ! All text & logos in the mock ups are not correct. They were placed their as a marker for the finished artwork | Copyright Copyright P.A _ Please do not use the art. Thanks Huge thanks go out to my fab client. Thank you for taking the time to look at my blog. Inky love x Dionne PUNCTURED ARTEFACT | ART | TATTOO | LEATHER | PRINTMAKING | ILLUSTRATION Website Instagram Facebook

    • DESIGN | Symbolism | Stag

      All my work is packed with symbolism, whether it be hidden or in a more obvious form. Here is one that you will find in my art. | STAG | | Zodiac sign of stag/deer (December 24 - January 20) | Element: Earth | Planet: Saturn | • In the ancient world the stag was held as a magical and sacred animal. • The stag is a symbol of strength in countless cultures, legends and myth throughout history and across the globe. Words associated with the stag are; Noble Driven Strategic Sensitive Confident Way-Maker Perceptive Successful Thoughtful Self-Reliant Leadership Responsible Over-achiever • The pagan god Pan, had the hooves and headdress of a stag. • The stag represents the sun in many cultures , e.g. The Hopi Indians, cut the image of their sun god, from deer skin. Antlers resemble expanding rays of the sun. • The early Swiss buried stags alongside the humans and horses. • A white stag signifies the spirit world. In Celtic myths, a white Stag was considered a message of divine importance. • In Arthurian legends, the white stag’s appearance would herald the start of a knights quest. • In China, the stag is a symbols of Shou-hsien (god of immortality) ¬ • The stag is said to have healing powers. It is sometimes depicted with an arrow placed in its side, with healing herbs in its mouth. It said that a stag has great knowledge of the forest healing plants and herbs. • A stag can apparently kill serpents, thus symbolising the triumph of good over evil. • Because the stag hunted to be used in a sacrifice it became the emblem if Christ (seen with a cross between the antlers) • The stag is associated with the masculine , male sexuality and virility, swift action, sensitivity, courageous fighter, defensive, the sun, the world tree, re birth and renewal. • Stags grow antlers in the Spring (symbolic of birth, renewal, the return of life), and fall off in the Fall (symbolic of death, introspection and hibernation).¬¬¬ • Antlers are symbolic of age (wisdom), elitism and superiority Please note; The information is brief & you may want to research your own information. | ART | Featuring Stags | • Head to THIS LINK to see a collection of TATTOO FLASH which feature Stags (you can purchase them as an instant download) • Or visit the NATURE TATTOO GALLERY page to see designs which feature stags • Or Visit the LEATHER ART GALLERY Page Thanks Thank you for taking the time to look at my blog. Inky love x Dionne PUNCTURED ARTEFACT | ART | TATTOO | LEATHER | PRINTMAKING | ILLUSTRATION Website Instagram Facebook

    • CUSTOM INK | Antlers Archive

      I have a hundreds of design which have been created since 2014. Most of them I haven't yet managed to get around to sharing on line. I am trying to rectify this in 2020, but looking through the archives and posting a few here and there! These feature Animals with Antlers or Horns | TWISTED HORNS | 2018 | | Medium Custom Tattoo Design | 22 cm Height | Final Design This design is inspired by nature. It features a collection of arrow motifs with an imagined animal skull (based on the blackbuck & kudu) ++ >>> Slide Images | Fox & Stag Circles | 2018 | | Small Custom Tattoo Design | 6 cm Height | These two designs were created for the forearm. The client asked for the design to be minimal, with mainly lines and a few dots. At only 6 cm high, this clean style suits something very small ! | Stag Arrow | 2016 | | Medium Custom Tattoo Design | 18 cm Height | This design was created for the upper arm. The client asked for the design to be geometric & minimal, with a splash of colour. I add colour rarely. I do I create dots with self coloured lines, as I don't like the look of black lines with coloured dots ! It features a stag head, combined with arrow detailing. The design is mainly symmetrical. | Stag Wisdom | 2015 | | Small Custom Tattoo Design | 11 cm Height | This little design features a set of stag antlers, rectangles and cubes. Both the stag and rectangles are representative of salt crystals are symbolic of wisdom | Sacred Stag | 2014 | | Large Custom Tattoo Design | Lower Arm | This design was one of the first designs I created. It features a mix of motifs which needed to be linked together as a cohesive design. It features lotus flowers, waves, all seeing eye, swallow & the flower of life , alongside a stag head. There are lots of open areas in the design, to avoid it looking too dense and heavy. The lotus flower section is where the design joins. Links To More Blog Posts Featuring Antlers & Horns | Click on the images | | Wild Science | Tattoo Sleeve | Combining nature & science | Copyright The art may be angled , cropped or watermarked for copyright reasons, please do not use the art. Tattoo Flash Head over to the shop to see flash designs which feature Stag | Nature Collection Thanks Huge thanks go out to my fab client. Thank you for taking the time to look at my blog. Inky love x Dionne PUNCTURED ARTEFACT | ART | TATTOO | LEATHER | GRAPHICS | ILLUSTRATION Website Instagram Facebook

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    • Esoteric | Geometry & Nature Art | Punctured Artefact | United Kingdom

      || STUDIO || LATEST || INSTAGRAM || || STUDIO || NEWS || NEWS | COMMISSIONS | Are now being taken for December | ​ If you are in a hurry, with your design details & we will see if we can help. contact us FLASH | FEATURED TATTOO FLASH | Astrolabe 8 | Compass | | SHOP | NOTICE | COVID 19 | All flash is available as an instant download | Delays may occur on postal items | If you are in a hurry, contact us with your design details & we will see if we can help. BLOG | LATEST BLOG POST | Perfume Packaging artwork | | Read More | FEATURED PRODUCT || || STORE || Shop | SHOP | FLASH | The design features the back of a Tawny Owl, with its head turned. The moon is also depicted within the design. The design includes 2 variations, one which exclusively uses dot work as the shading, and one which has a more geometric feel, and includes fine lines | £19 | | Owl 7 - Turning Heads | Shop Shop | | ORIGINAL DRAWINGS | SHOP The design features a wolf head with strong clean lines and minimal dot shading.. The design represents a connection to nature | 2020 | Black ink. Approx H 13 cm Height | Paper White | A5 | 2210 x 148 mm mm | ​ ​ Shop Shop | SHOP | TATTOOED LEATHER | | We have just added a new page into the online store. This allows you to pre order a selection of leather art circles, based on nature + geometry. Each piece is created to order. Allow for up to 4 weeks. Shipping Worldwide. In Gift Box | Shop ​ Shop || STUDIO || ACTIVITY || LEATHER | LATEST TATTOOED LEATHER | Helping Hands | Please if you would like to commission your own piece. contact us ​ WORKING ON | EXPERIMENTING | With Etching, Printing, Engraving, Foiling, Digital art, Embroidery & Painting | Read More ​ SECRETS | LATEST SOCIAL MEDIA | Head over to instagram to take a look | Head straight to this post here ​ OWN WORKS | SPARE TIME | We will be developing our Personal passions | ​ Read More about this 5 cm wood engraving ​ NEWS IN DEVELOPMENT || || STUDIO || Featured | PRINTING | Copper Etching ideas | | There are lots of experiments & learning happening in our little studio right now | I am busy creating some A5 geometric birds drawings, which I hope to etch into copper soon | This one features little sparrows | Read More Featured | DRAWING | Ltd Edition Prints | I am working on a number of Limited Edition Prints (A3) | This one is called Spilling Space & is Inspired by Sacred Geometry & the cosmos | I hope to finish it soon! | ​ Read More Featured | DIGITAL | Insect Metatron | | W.I.P | I am working on a leather design which combines a Metatron's Cube with a Lunar Moth. I am at the vector art stage on this one, so lots more to do! | Read More

    • Sacred Geometry Illustration | Nature Art | Punctured Artefact | United Kingdom

      | Punctured Artefact | Online Store | | Creator of Sacred Geometry & Nature Illustration | ART Blending geometric & organic elements EXPRESS YOUR INK ON YOUR WALL OR ON YOUR SKIN © 2020 Punctured Artefact Contact Us Contact Punctured Artefact United Kingdom

    • Nature Collection | Tattoo Flash Art Download | Geometric Nature | Shop Download

      | All Flash | | All Insects | | All Birds | | All Botanicals | | All Animals | Heart Skull Body Elements Zodiac Nautical More

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