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    • CUSTOM INK | Perun & Veles

      Large Custom Tattoo Design | Full Sleeve | 2020 Final Design This complex design feature the struggle between 2 Slavic Gods. The design features a complex flow of geometry & nature. It is wrapped to fit. The join is the (bear shape shifting) The 2 gods are opposites of one another. The design depicts symbolism associated with the 2 gods. The motifs wrap and twist around one another. Symbolising the struggle between 2 opposites, chaos and order.  The Unstoppable force meeting an immovable object. The top half of the design features mainly symbols related to Perun, whilst the lower features mainly Veles but both are intertwined. The owl with its wolf tooth, the serpent & a feather. | Symbolism | The design has many symbolic patterns and motifs SYMBOLISM | PERUN • Perun has many names & is also known as the Strongest God, God of All Gods, Thunder God (roaming the sky) God of thunder, storm and rain, Harvest (raining over the crops and securing good harvest), Supreme God, God of agriculture and bulls , Maker of Lightning, Ruler of the living world, sky and earth & War God • He is associated with lightning, storm & thunder, War, Mountains, Fire & air, Iris, Eagle, Strongest oak tree oak - World Oak tree ( The branches and trunk represented the living world of heavens and mortals, whilst its roots represented the underworld, i.e. the realm of the dead ) & Horses and carts • His animal personas include a Bull & an Eagle ( sitting on the top of the tallest branch of the tree, from which he kept watch over the entire world) • In his human form he is depicted as bearded warrior ( Red Beard, Silver Hair, Gold moustache)  • His weapons include; Bow, Axe or hammer (Axe of Perun) Golden Arrow (Weapons made of stone and later with those of metal) & a Chariot drawn by goats • He created Thunderbolts & represented the power of good Stories include;  • A lightening bolt was Perun throwing his axe across the sky trying to hit Veles. • In the end, Perun managed to kill Veles, or to chase him back down into his watery underworld. The supreme god thus reestablished the order in the world which had been disrupted by his chaotic enemy. He then returned to the top of the World tree and proudly informed his opponent down in the roots:  “Well, there is your place, remain there!” • Sun was Perun's wife. When the sun was threatened by storm clouds, Perun smashed them with his thunderbolt, allowing the sun to reappear & life on earth could continue.  • People painted thunder marks on their house roofs as protection Motifs which represent Perun in this design are;  || Animal Personas of the bull & eagle,  figures of worship ,lightning, thunderbolt, stone & metal, weapons (axe & golden arrow), World Oak tree, leaves & acorn, Air & fire symbols, 2 Perun symbols, storm & rain, storm cloud & sun, patterns developed from the flower of life, life symbol, feathers, iron symbol, sun & Zia symbol Geometric symbol, Harvest & agriculture (Wheat) , Summer & spring , wheel of life, Iris & Phosphorus || The design was created with vector line art, with dots applied by hand to an A3 drawing. A3 is smaller than the actual artwork, so you can see here just how small some of the lines and dots were 9looking at the scale of the pen tip) It was created in pens of 0.05 - 0.2 SYMBOLISM  | VELES • Veles has many names & is also known as the Shapeshifting God of Land, Water and Underground, Shepard, Forest & Cattle God, The Lord of the Forest, Nature and Waters, Guardian of Nature, Slavic god of fields, pastures, forests or crops, cattle, and animals, Patron of shepherds , God of the Beasts, In some Slavic tribes Veles was seen as the 'Creator of the World’ , A “mischievous” God, Watery God of the underworld & Lord of Forest • He is associated with magic, underworld, death & knowledge • His Shapeshifting animal form is a brown bear. Also a wolf, horned serpent, snake, dragon, Snake coiled around the roots of the sacred oak tree. • In his human form he is depicted as a horned strong young man or old man with grey beard. • He carries a shepherd’s staff • It was Veles that protected farmers cows from plague or improved their crops and land fertility. It was believed that during the winter Veles’ power, and thus chaos, strengthens, and before the summer he gets defeated and returned to the underworld. Stories include;  • He continually provoked Perun by stealing his cattle, children, or wife • Veles fled from Perun by transforming himself into various animals, or hiding behind trees, houses, or people; wherever a lightning bolt struck • He was known as a mischief maker, stealing cattle, kidnapping people Motifs which represent Perun in this design are;  || Animal Personas of the brown bear, wolf & horned serpent , snakes, Shepard staff, water & earth , figures of worship, water & waves, forest botanicals & crops, acanthus,  autumn & winter , chaos wheel, death, ice crystal, Veles symbol, bear tooth, scales, snake fang & moon || The design also has personal symbolic meaning. Copyright The art may be angled , cropped or watermarked for copyright reasons, please do not use the art. Tattoo Flash Head over to the shop to see flash designs which feature NATURE | GEOMETRY Thanks Huge thanks go out to my fab client. Thank you for taking the time to look at my blog. Inky love x Dionne PUNCTURED ARTEFACT | ART | TATTOO | LEATHER | GRAPHICS | ILLUSTRATION Website Instagram Facebook

    • DESIGN | Symbolism | Hummingbird

      All my work is packed with symbolism, whether it be hidden or in a more obvious form. Here is one that you will find in my art. | HUMMINGBIRD | This tiny bird is capable of the most amazing feats despite its small size. It can travel great distances & is the only bird able to fly backwards • Hummingbirds have a long history of folklore and symbolism in native cultures. • The bird itself originates from the Americas. And as such much of the folklore comes from that part of the world. (There are 330 species of hummingbirds in North and South America) • The Aztecs saw them as messengers between them and their ancestors or the Gods. • A giant hummingbird can be found amongst the drawings on the Nazca Plains. It can only be viewed from thousands of feet up in the air (viewed from the Gods) • In Aztec mythology the hummingbird represents the powerful sun or warrior god Huitzilopochtli (Huitzil) ,whose name translates as the hummingbird from the left. The left refers to the otherworldly realms, that run parallel to the known universe. The warriors mother was said to have conceived him from a ball of brightly coloured hummingbird feathers, which fell from the sky. • Aztec Shamans decorated their cloaks and wands with sacred hummingbird feathers. • The hummingbird represents death & resurrection in the Andes. It loses a significant amount of heat at night, in order to conserve energy, and seems to be dead if found at nigh. In the morning however, the sunshine revives it. • In Native American culture, hummingbirds are seen as healers and bringers of love, good luck, and joy. • In Central America, they are a sign of love and will bring love to the person who spots them. The hummingbird generally symbolises joy and playfulness, as well as adaptability. Additional symbolic meanings are: Playfulness, enjoyment of life, joy, being present, independence, positivity, feeling of lightness , swiftness, ability to respond quickly & resiliency Please note; The information is brief & you may want to research your own information. | FLASH ART | Featuring Hummingbirds | Follow this link to see a collection of tattoo flash which feature owls (you can purchase them as an instant download) VIEW OTHERS POSTS on Hummingbirds Thanks Thank you for taking the time to look at my blog. Inky love x Dionne PUNCTURED ARTEFACT | ART | TATTOO | LEATHER | PRINTMAKING | ILLUSTRATION Website Instagram Facebook

    • LEATHER ART | Cornwall

      Leather Tattoo Design | Leather A3 | Commission | | Tattooed & Tooled by hand on premium vegetable tanned ethically sourced leather | | Tattooed with one needle over many layers | | One of a kind | Created as a commission | It is roughly A3 in size | So the detail is pretty small & hard to achieve!⁠ ⁠ | | The brief was created by a husband for his wife on their anniversary. It actually matched one she had made for him previously | It features details of personal significance. ⁠ ⁠Of their lives together. If you look closely you will see a landmark of Cornwall & my clients initials The paler leather will deepen in colour, as it reacts to UV light. It will develop into a rich medium tan colour This piece was a commission Did you know Leather is the gift for a third anniversary? Commission Your Own Art by getting in touch with a brief & a budget | Shop Leather Art | Copyright | Please do not use the art. Copyright Punctured Artefact | Thanks | Thank you for taking the time to look at my blog | Inky love x Dionne PUNCTURED ARTEFACT | ART | TATTOO | LEATHER | PRINTMAKING | ILLUSTRATION Website Instagram

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    • Esoteric | Geometry & Nature Art | Punctured Artefact | United Kingdom

      || STUDIO || LATEST || INSTAGRAM || || STUDIO || NEWS || NEWS | COMMISSIONS | Are now being taken for November | ​ If you are in a hurry, with your design details & we will see if we can help. contact us FLASH | LATEST TATTOO FLASH | Columbine Hummingbird | | SHOP | Read More | NOTICE | COVID 19 | All flash is available as an instant download | Delays may occur on postal items | If you are in a hurry, with your design details & we will see if we can help. contact us BLOG | LATEST BLOG POST | Perun & Veles Tattoo Sleeve | Read More FEATURED PRODUCT || || STORE || Shop | SHOP | FLASH | The design features the back of a Tawny Owl, with its head turned. The moon is also depicted within the design. The design includes 2 variations, one which exclusively uses dot work as the shading, and one which has a more geometric feel, and includes fine lines | £19 | | Owl 7 - Turning Heads | Shop Shop | | ORIGINAL DRAWINGS | SHOP The design features a wolf head with strong clean lines and minimal dot shading.. The design represents a connection to nature | 2020 | Black ink. Approx H 13 cm Height | Paper White | A5 | 2210 x 148 mm mm | ​ ​ Shop Shop | SHOP | TATTOOED LEATHER | The design features a Metatron's Cube with additional geometric lines & figures | 9” W X 12“ X H & 2 cm D | | We have just added this piece into the Leather Art Store | Limited Edition 1 of 5 ( Each hand embellishment is unique) ​ Shop || STUDIO || ACTIVITY || LEATHER | LATEST TATTOOED LEATHER | Helping Hands | Please if you would like to commission your own piece. contact us ​ WORKING ON | EXPERIMENTING | With Etching, Printing, Engraving, Foiling, Digital art, Embroidery & Painting | Read More ​ SECRETS | LATEST SOCIAL MEDIA | Head over to instagram to take a look | Head straight to this post here ​ OWN WORKS | SPARE TIME | We will be developing our Personal passions | ​ Read More about this 5 cm wood engraving ​ NEWS IN DEVELOPMENT || || STUDIO || Featured | PRINTING | Copper Etching ideas | | There are lots of experiments & learning happening in our little studio right now | I am busy creating some A5 geometric birds drawings, which I hope to etch into copper soon | This one features little sparrows | Read More Featured | DRAWING | Ltd Edition Prints | I am working on a number of Limited Edition Prints (A3) | This one is called Spilling Space & is Inspired by Sacred Geometry & the cosmos | I hope to finish it soon! | ​ Read More Featured | DIGITAL | Insect Metatron | | W.I.P | I am working on a leather design which combines a Metatron's Cube with a Lunar Moth. I am at the vector art stage on this one, so lots more to do! | Read More

    • Sacred Geometry Illustration | Nature Art | Punctured Artefact | United Kingdom

      | Punctured Artefact | Online Store | | Creator of Sacred Geometry & Nature Illustration | ART Blending geometric & organic elements EXPRESS YOUR INK ON YOUR WALL OR ON YOUR SKIN © 2020 Punctured Artefact Contact Us Contact Punctured Artefact United Kingdom

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