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All my work is packed with symbolism, whether it be hidden or in a more obvious form.

Here is one that you will find in my art.


| Flower of Life repeat pattern |

The Flower Of Life symbol is that it is believed to represent the cycle of creation. It is sometimes called the “blueprint of creation’

It is believed to be a sort of blueprint for all life, with the fundamental patterns for everything from atoms to planets and everything in between.

| Decorative version of the Flower Of Life |

It represents the connections that we feel to all living things.

| Plain version of the Flower Of Life |

It is a sacred symbol found in nearly every major culture on the planet. It can be seen, in temples within the Forbidden City of China , in ancient synagogues in Israel , in the Buddhist temples of India and Japan, in the City of Ephesusin Turkey, carved into rock in Assyria, in Italian art from the 13th century, and in Cordoba, in ‘la Mezquita’ in Spain.

• The Flower Of Life has been used as a decorative motif since ancient times, forms a flower-like pattern with the symmetrical structure of a hexagon.

The Flower of Life is a figure in Sacred Geometry that is made up of overlapping circles in six-fold symmetry, it looks like a hexagon made of circles.

The Flower Of Life is a name for a geometrical figure composed of seven or more overlapping evenly-spaced circles, in which the centre of each circle is on the circumference of up to six surrounding circles of the same diameter. 

• The surrounding circles need not be clearly or completely drawn; in fact, some ancient symbols that are claimed as examples of the Flower of Life contain only a single circle or hexagon.

A multitude of patterns and symbols can be traced within the structure of the Flower Of Life, including the Tree of Life , Fruit of Life & Pentagram.

| The Tree Of Life |

A multitude of three dimensional shapes & objects can be traced within the structure of the Flower Of Life, including the Five Platonic Solids. These are the tetrahedron, cube, octahedron, dodecahedron, and icosahedron.

| The Platonic Solids |

• The six-fold ‘seed' pattern (6 intersecting circles forming a flower) is used as the basis for the larger Flower of Life pattern.

• The seed is often referred to as the 'Seed of Life' or Genesis Pattern

• Leonardo da Vinci studied the Flower Of Life's form and its mathematical properties. He drew the Flower of Life itself, as well as various components such as the Seed of Life. He drew geometric figures representing shapes such as the platonic solids, a sphere, and a torus, and also used the golden ratio of phi in his artwork; all of which may be derived from the Flower Of Life design

In New Age thought, the Flower of Life is considered to be a source of deep spiritual meaning & enlightenment.

| Cosmic | Flower Of Life |

• Alchemists have used the Flower of Life as a component of their work

• The Metatron's Cube is a symbol derived from the Flower of Life

| Metatron's Cube |

| The Flower Of Life | Vector | Repeat Pattern |

Please note; The information is brief & you may want to research your own information.

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