ON THE DESK | Moon Epiphyllum

Updated: May 11, 2020

ON THE DESK | Moon Epiphyllum |

|| ON THE DESK || Moon Epiphyllum || Art ||

| Sketch | 20 cm H |

This design depicts the moon cycles alongside the Epiphyllum Oxypetalum flower.

|| ON THE DESK || Moon Epiphyllum || Art ||

|| Symbolism || Full Flower Super Moon in Scorpio || Known as the Full Flower Moon, it traditionally marks a time when flowers are usually blooming, according to the Farmer’s Almanac. It is a wonderful opportunity to look beyond ourselves and appreciate nature & the world around us || This particular full moon is a super moon as it reaches the closest point to Earth during its orbit, making it appears larger and brighter || 

|| Symbolism || The Epiphyllum (also known as the Queen of the Night,  Night Blooming Cereus, Fragrant Orchid Cactus ) || The night-blooming cereus blooms only once, maybe twice a year, and for one-night only.  A member of the cacti family, a bud will appear and within a few days will be ready to unfold during the night.  As daylight dims into night, this amazing flower begins to open, and unfurl into a large,  beautiful, fragrant blossom || We don't get them in the UK but those lucky enough may spot one , one night || 

|| ON THE DESK || Moon Epiphyllum || Art ||

|| Note to self || I decided to forget the 'to do' list this week and get back to drawing on paper, instead of digitally. I had forgotten just how satisfying this is. As an artist, I definitely prefer the tactile process of creating things by hand. I definitely need to focus back on this. This isn’t for anything in particular. It is just a drawing I wanted to do today || 

|| ON THE DESK || Moon Epiphyllum || Art ||

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) Don't forget to get outside and stare at the moon later (


Please do not use the art. 


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