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Leather Tattoo Design | Circles | Pre Order


We have just introduced a new page into the online store.

You can now pre order a selection of our circular Leather Art Designs.

Each design will be CREATED TO ORDER


| No two pieces will be the same |

| Each piece will vary & be unique to you! |

It may vary slightly from the photographic example.

| Each piece is offered in a range of sizes |



• Antiqued Wooden Hoop. ( Available in 5, 6, 7, 8, 10, 12 " )

Pre Order Leather Art | Sample of Art | Hoop

• The rear of the Leather is backed with natural cotton fabric (Grey, Black or Neutral) •  A Leather P.A label is fixed to the rear fabric.  • Signed certificate or card. • Presented in a recycled Brown or Black paper gift box, with Leather label.

+++ >>>> Images



• The design is made from premium vegetable tanned leather, which has been oiled and dyed with natural oils to natural pale tan colour. 

• The design is tattooed using only 1 needle & a traditional tattoo machine. Therefore the line work is both detailed and labour intensive. 

• The line work is brought out by tooling with leather-working tools, creating depth within the design. 

Pre Order Leather Art | Sample of Art | Hoop WIP | Tattooing Fine Lines
Tattooing In Progress


• Full grain, vegetable tanned leather | Ethically sourced | The Tannery uses environmentally friendly methods of tanning hides |

• The leather may deepen in colour, as it reacts to UV light. It will eventually develop into a rich pale tan colour.

• There may be natural markings on the grain/ surface of the skin. 

( The skin is full grain leather and markings are brought out with the use of natural dyes) 

•  The photographs have been taken in natural daylight. The colour of the leather may differ in other light sources. 

• The piece may be slightly different colour than the photographs.

Pre Order Leather Art | Sample of Art | Hoop WIP | Tracing The Fine Lines
Drawing In Progress


Please contact me, if you would wish to personalise or customise or personalise your art (e.g leather label to the rear with initials or dates)


We also have a selection of new designs available.

Created from popular motifs such as , birds, insects, botanicals , nature, skulls & geometry.

| You will see a number of these in the store | It has a visual of what the finished design will look like |

Examples ++>>>

++ More will be added to the store soon! So please check back again.

Over time the leather will oxidise and age naturally if placed in UV light. This means that it will develop into a lovely rich shade of tan. Read More about it here


Copyright | Please do not use the art. Copyright Punctured Artefact.


Huge thanks go out to Felix

Thank you for taking the time to look at my blog.

Inky love x




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