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Work In Progress

| I work across multiple medias one of which is tattooed leather ( Tattooed by hand on premium vegetable tanned ethically sourced leather)  |

I was looking at a few pieces I have up in the studio & noticed the patina, compared to the ones I have in storage boxes.

I thought I would share it with you. So you can see how my art will develop over time.

Work In Progress


The term patina, is used to describe the ageing of high-quality leather.

Patina is what forms on natural materials such as wood, denim, canvas, metal and stone. 

Over time the leather will oxidise and age naturally if placed in UV light.

Patina Developed

I use a full grain, Natural Vegetable Tanned Leather (without any dyes or pigments) This type of leather shows the best patina over time.

Over time a soft sheen will develop. Lighter coloured leathers will darken up more dramatically.

It starts pale & will eventually develops into a range of tan brown shades.

Patina Developed

If you look at the insect circle below, you can see how it has developed since it was created in 2014. I placed the art intentionally in full sunlight (in my studio , near a window) To see how dark the patina would develop.

Patina Developed

The Stag circle, has spent more time in storage & in a more shaded area of the studio, and so remains paler in colour. 

Softer Patina

Here is another one on its first days of making, in its paler stage.

No Patina

Leather Patina doesn’t form on all types of leather. Only the highest grades such as full-grain leather will develop rich character over time. Patina is a visible signature of quality.

A number of factors contribute to how patina develops overtime:

• Oils on your hands

• Dust

• Moisture in the air

• Sunlight

• Scratches, scrapes

|| Tip || If you want your Leather Patina to be faster, just leave your goods out in the sun during an afternoon. But be careful to put it in an area where the sunlight is uniform. If it is in partial shade, it may colour unevenly. 

No Patina

|| Note || The leather is ethically sourced & purchased from a British Leather Supplier. The leather originates from a small town in Spain, where they are conscious about environmentally friendly methods of tanning hides ||

| Leather Art Store | 

I have not created the circles in quite a while, but looking back at them now - I have lots of nature + geometry designs which would work really well.

• You may see some popping up in the leather art store over the coming months. 

• You can also pre-order a design.  Each item is made to order. It may take up to 4 weeks to produce & can be posted worldwide.

• I also create new designs to commission ( Presented in a box, with card & certificate) 

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Copyright | Please do not use the art. Copyright Punctured Artefact.


Huge thanks go out to Felix

Thank you for taking the time to look at my blog.

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