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Happy Xmas | 2021


HAPPY XMAS | 2021 |

Happy Xmas 2021 | Punctured Artefact

Wishing you all a wonderful & peaceful Xmas

Let's hope all those dreams start coming true in the new year.

See you then

Inky Love x


| Thank you |

Thank Yiu | Punctured Artefact | 2021

This year I have spent an increasing amount of time creating personal works and experimenting in printmaking,

I realise that a lot of you lovely people, will have first followed my work for tattoo and flash art.

I did ponder about whether I should split my instagram into different pages for different things, but I decided to invest the time in actually creating art instead!

So, I just wanted to do an inky 'thank you' to everyone who liked, shared & commented (in a positive way) on my posts. It means a lot!

So, this blog will continue to show all the mediums I work across.

I realise not every facet will be of interest to you, but as the style is the same across paper, leather & digital art - hopefully some will be of interest now & again.

Inky Love





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