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FLASH INK | NEW - 4 new designs


Here is a summary of 4 new Tattoo Flash Designs , which landed in the store this week. You can download them instantly upon purchase.


| BEETLE 5 | June Bug |

New Insect Tattoo Design | June Big | Punctured Artefact

The June bug is also called May beetle or June beetle.

These heavy bodied red-brown beetles commonly appear in the Northern Hemisphere during warm spring evenings and are attracted to lights.

Small | Approx - 10 cm H x 12.5 cm W


| SACRED 60 | Globe Branches | | SACRED 59 | Cosmic Branches |

The designs feature a geometric branch , which has a Seed Of Life flower head. Little planets & berries flow up the branches. Designed to sit on the forearm, with the narrowest bit at the wrist. But, it can go anywhere on the body.

| Symbolism | The Seed of Life is formed from a relationship of 6 circles around on. These 7 circles mirror our chakras | 


| CICADA 4 | Little Wings |

This design features a geometric cicada, with minimal dot shading & clean lines , due to its small size.

TATTOO FLASH ART | Cicada 4 | Little Wings | Instant Download | Punctured Artefact

| Symbolism | The cicada is symbolic of change, metamorphosis, renewal, rebirth, past to present, reincarnation, Illumination, longevity, surprise, self-expression, sensuality, love and partnership.  Like other winged creatures, the cicadas represent disembodied souls. It is also a symbol of immortality. It represents the spirit in China, where the insect was placed onto the mouth of the dying person to help the spirit break from the body.



The art may be angled , cropped or watermarked for copyright reasons, please do not use the art. 

Tattoo Flash

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Thank you for taking the time to look at my blog.

Inky love x




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