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CUSTOM INK. Ouroboros Icosahedron


Small Custom Tattoo Design | Size; Height 11.5 cm.


The design is one of 5 small designs, which depict 5 gods within the 5 platonic solids.


The design depicts an ouroboros, sitting within an icosahedron with the tree of life branches weaving throughout the space.


| Symbolism | An Ouroboros is a symbol of a snake biting its tail (Tail – eating in Greek) Its circular shape have associated it with the universe, eternity & the endless cycle of birth, death & rebirth |

| Symbolism | The tree of life if often used (across all faiths and societies) as a universal symbol of cosmic existence. It too represents the eternal cycle of life and death.

| Symbolism | The Icosahedron is the fifth and final platonic solid , having 20 triangular sides.

The Icosahedron is associated with the element of Water. It corresponds to the Sacral Chakra.

Water symbolises renewal, life, fertility, motion, movement, flow, and change.

It allows for freedom of expression, creativity and ‘going with the flow’

Copyright The art may be angled , cropped or watermarked for copyright reasons, please do not use the art.  Tattoo Flash Head over to the shop to see flash designs which feature Sacred Geometry | Botanicals You can also purchase a design similar to this one here

Thanks Huge thanks go out to my fab client. Thank you for taking the time to look at my blog. Inky love x Dionne



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