CUSTOM INK | Flying June Bug

Updated: Jun 25, 2019

Custom Tattoo Design. Calf | Height 33 cm | 2018

This design is inspired by nature & family summers.

It features a collection of magnolia flowers , bugs, branches & buds.

The insects are ‘June bugs’ (We call them May bugs here in the UK)

The term “June bug” isn’t a scientifically assigned name. Instead, it’s a common name applied regionally to a variety of different beetle species. Often know as the Chafer Beetle

‘June bugs’ are not very skilled aviators. They tend to bump into objects and usually fly in wide, lazy arcs

Magnolia flowers are thought to be the one of the few flowers to survive the ice age.

The single June bug will be placed on a different area of the body


The art may be angled , cropped or watermarked for copyright reasons, please do not use the art. 

Tattoo Flash

Head over to the shop to see flash designs which feature Insects| Botanicals |


Huge thanks go out to my fab client.

Thank you for taking the time to look at my blog.

Inky love x






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