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Buck | Moon


All my work is packed with symbolism, whether it be hidden or in a more obvious form.

Here is one that you will find in my art.


| Stag Moon |

This evening a super full moon will shine brightly.

Buck Moon | Vector Art | Punctured Artefact
Buck Moon

• A full moon happens when the sun (now in Cancer) & the moon (now in Capricorn) are on opposite sides of the earth. The moon will be at its closest approach to Earth. This one’s expected to be the largest super moon of the year. It will reach its peak on Wednesday at 2:48 p.m. ET

Buck Moon | Vector Art 2 | Punctured Artefact

The July lunation is often known as the ‘Buck Moon’ because of the antlers that come from the buck/stags head around this time of year.

Native American tribes call it Salmon Moon, Raspberry Moon, and Thunder Moon because of the frequent thunderstorms in the summer.

In Celtic, this Moon was known as the Claiming Moon, Wyrt Moon, Herb Moon, and Mead Moon, indicating that July is the time to gather herbs (or wyrts) to dry and use as spices and remedies. The Anglo-Saxons called it the Hay Moon after the hay harvest in July..

July's full moon corresponds with the Hindu, Buddhist and Jain festival Guru Purnima, a celebration to clear the mind and honour spiritual and academic gurus.

Stag Moon | Vector Art | Punctured Artefact

The super moons energy provides the perfect time for manifestations.


Please note; The information is brief & you may want to research your own information.


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