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A NEW YEAR | 2020


A NEW YEAR | 2020 |

| Thank you | For Your Support in 2019 |

At the end of 2019 , I took time a little out from social media & creating over the Xmas & New Year period, so I never quite got around to thanking you all.


So .... A big thank-you to everyone & anyone who may have ..... stumbled across this blog, took a peep at the website, ventured onto Instagram, liked or commented on my art in a positive way, contacted me about a commission, collaboration or custom design, chatted a little over email or the internet & purchased art or designs.

As an indi artist, this means a lot to me! And I am always thankful.

Over 2019, I have intentionally taken on less commission & tattoo work. Allowing myself some much needed time out & space for creative freedom & exploration. I have enjoyed the chance to learn and experiment a little more. Without getting too hung up on creating finished masterpieces. Which, as a perfectionist, is in itself quite tough!

I will be developing & focusing on these creative strands further into 2020.

I look forward to learning more about intaglio and relief printmaking techniques, using different technologies such as laser engraving, digital graphics & solar etching .... I will be scribbling away on more personal projects ...... limited edition prints, larger scale drawings & mixed media pieces ...... Follow me on Instagram or check our studio secrets here.


I will of course be continuing to work with clients on tattoo art & creating tattooed leather art. I will also aim to get a new tattoo flash design onto the website, each week. So please head over to the new flash section, now & again.


On a personal note; Since my post in Blood Cancer Awareness Month , where I mentioned my Blood Cancer Diagnosis & subsequent chemotherapy. I have been on a 'watch and wait' treatment path. This means that my Lymphoma is stable enough, to not require any immediate treatment. This may of course, change at any point. I am positive about the year ahead & thankful for the treatment I received in 2019.

In light of this, I may not be able to take on all custom tattoo requests, but I will try to reply to all emails to You can also contact me here.


Thanks !

Thank you for taking the time to look at Punctured Artefact, during 2019 & into 2020.

Inky love x





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