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  • RAM | Symbolism

    . | The Ram | Please note; The information is brief & you may want to research your own information. RAM TATTOO FLASH SHOP ALL RAM TATTOO FLASH RAM LEATHER ART SHOP ALL RAM LEATHER ART SEARCH > RAM > For Other Articles & products RAM PRINTMAKING I am spending alot more time on the printmaking aspect to Here is something I posted on there, which feature a Ram. It is currently an Etching In progress.

  • CUSTOM INK | Garden Of Eden | Archive

    & represents the individual who commissioned the art | It represents mortality | | Symbolism | The Ram The ram is also a symbol of Aries, which is an astral symbol of rulership. || | Symbolism |The Celtic god Cernunnos is shown with the ram. In Scandinavia, Thor was close with the ram, and was fabled to use rams to pull his chariot | | Symbolism Download Store | Follow This Link | Link to purchase a similar Ram design Link To Other Ram Posts |

  • CUSTOM INK | Aries | Archive

    It includes; Moon, Planets, Aries Ram Skull, stylised Human Skull, the Cosmos, Earth, Triangle & Circle The Mandala disintegrates and fades away at the cuff. | TATTOO FLASH | | You can purchase Ram Designs from our Download Store | Follow This Link | | SHOP | | LEATHER | | You can purchase Ram Designs from our Leather Art Store | Follow This Link | SHOP LEATHER RAM Copyright The art may be angled , cropped

  • CUSTOM INK | Talisman

    Nature motifs include; Ram Skull, Wolf Skull, Ravens, Wild Roses, Bee, Waves, Skylark, Hummingbird, Snakes Geometry | Nature | Sleeves | Wolf Flash -------------- Instinct Wolf Flash -------------- Wild Wolf Ram

  • LEATHER ART | Pre Order

    . +++ >>>> Images Shop Ram & Cherry Blossom STYLES & TECHNIQUES • The design is made from premium vegetable


    This is mainly seen in the rams skulls.

  • TATTOOED LEATHER | Rhythm Of Life

    This is mainly seen in the rams skulls.

  • | CUSTOM INK | 5 Kin | 

    It also includes a variation of the Metatron’s cube, geometric aries ram skull, cube & repeat patterns

  • CUSTOM INK | Darkness

    Including; a ram skull, moon cycles, pentagrams, all seeing eye, vein like fire, snake wrapped trees,

  • CUSTOM INK | Geometric Nature

    ‘tree of life’ surrounded by botanicals and roses, hummingbirds, feathers, bees, geometric mandala, ram

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