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Commission | Size; A5 | Created in 2016

Final Design

Art in Negative
Love Birds | Tattooed Leather Art

The design features a 2 birds, roses & geometric shapes.

In Oak Frame
Love Birds | Tattooed Leather Art

Symbolism | It was created as a 3rd wedding anniversary gift (which is leather)

Design Evolution

This design was commissioned & completed within 3 weeks.

The design begins as a rough sketch, which is approved by the client.

Artwork Roughs
Love Birds | Tattooed Leather Art

The line art is traced onto the leather. The tattooed lines are then built up in layers from thin to thick , with a tattoo machine & a single needle. Thus it is highly labour intensive.

The line-work is bought out by tooling the leather.

The leather surface is smoothed & burnished.

Final On Shelf
Love Birds | Tattooed Leather Art

It is framed in a hand made frame created by us, in Oak. T

Rear of Frame | Oak
Love Birds | Tattooed Leather Art

Here is some of the artwork detail

Here are some images which illustrate the front & rear.


Please do not use the art for any purpose. All purchase or commission enquiries should be emailed to


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