LEATHER ART | Cornwall

Leather Tattoo Design | Leather A3 | Commission |

| Tattooed & Tooled by hand on premium vegetable tanned ethically sourced leather |

| Tattooed with one needle over many layers |

| One of a kind | Created as a commission | It is roughly A3 in size | So the detail is pretty small & hard to achieve!⁠ ⁠ |

| The brief was created by a husband for his wife on their anniversary. It actually matched one she had made for him previously |

It features details of personal significance. ⁠ ⁠Of their lives together.

If you look closely you will see a landmark of Cornwall & my clients initials

The paler leather will deepen in colour, as it reacts to UV light. It will develop into a rich medium tan colour

This piece was a commission

Did you know Leather is the gift for a third anniversary?

Commission Your Own Art by getting in touch with a brief & a budget

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Copyright | Please do not use the art. Copyright Punctured Artefact |

Thanks | Thank you for taking the time to look at my blog |

Inky love x





Art Blending Geometry & Nature

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