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LEATHER ART | Helping Hands


Leather Tattoo Design | Leather 8 x 6 " | Limited Edition : 1 of a kind |

| Tattooed & Tooled by hand on premium vegetable tanned ethically sourced leather |

| Tattooed with one needle over many layers |

Artwork Rough | Stag Beetle
Artwork Rough

| One of a kind | Created as a gift |

Tattooed Leather | Presented in Gold & Black Frame
Presented in Gold & Black Frame

The paler leather will deepen in colour, as it reacts to UV light. It will develop into a rich medium tan colour


The piece was created for my Clinical Nurse Specialist, Peter.

When you are diagnosed with blood cancer, you are given a team of CNS (Clinical nurse specialist) nurses as a point of contact. They provide specialist care, support and knowledge at the time you need it most.

Peter also carried out my bone marrow biopsy trephine, during my treatment. Which was not pleasant , but he couldn't have been more efficient, quick and caring. He also helped me through my months of sickness, due to the chemotherapy regime. Peter, I cant thank you enough for your care.

During the Clap for the NHS (Corvid 19 Pandemic) I created this as a 'Thank you'. ( Peter then made a donation to Captain Tom's NHS fund raising )

XX || Peter is based in Worcester Royal Hospital. A heartfelt personal thanks also to my haematology team, Dr Pemberton, CNS Nurses Tom, Peter, Adele, Fiona & Lesley, the Rowan Clinic team & chemo nurses at the Royal @WorcsAcuteNHS for their ongoing Blood Cancer Treatment || XX




Here are some images of how the piece developed, more info can be seen at my website - Leather Page -

++ Slide >>>

Video - Line Art WIP

Video - Tattoo Line Art WIP




Copyright | Please do not use the art. Copyright Punctured Artefact.


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