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Pattern | Flower of Life | Size; Large 56 x 56 cm | 

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Symbolism | The flower of life (sometimes called the “blueprint of creation’) has been used as a decorative motif since ancient times, forms a flower-like pattern with the symmetrical structure of a hexagon. It consists of seven or more overlapping circles, in which the centre of each circle is on the circumference of up to six surrounding circles of the same diameter. However, the surrounding circles need not be clearly or completely drawn; in fact, some ancient symbols that are claimed as examples of the Flower of Life contain only a single circle or hexagon.

Leonardo da Vinci studied the Flower of Life's form and its mathematical properties. He drew the Flower of Life itself, as well as various components such as the Seed of Life.


The art is for personal use only. The art is for mindfulness drawing (E.g. It can be shaded with colour or dot-work) The art should not be used for commercial use or for any other purpose. Copyright Punctured Artefact.

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