CUSTOM INK | Thirteen

Custom Tattoo Design | Size; Height 15 cm

The design is inspired by the number thirteen & family.

It features, a stylised Metatron’s cube as the base of the design. A barn owl face, tri spirals, flowers & leaves represent family members & home.

Thirteen is represented in the 13 circles of the Metatron’s cube & a tridecagon.

The art may be angled, watermarked or cropped for copyright reasons, please do not use the art. 

Copyright The art may be angled , cropped or watermarked for copyright reasons, please do not use the art.  Tattoo Flash Head over to the shop to see flash designs which feature Metatron Cubes

Thanks Huge thanks go out to my fab client. Thank you for taking the time to look at my blog. Inky love x Dionne


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Art Blending Geometry & Nature

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