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CUSTOM INK | 4 Little Inks



Size; Height 9 cm.

This little design is inspired by a calming connection to the rain. It also features an air & water symbol, clouds and ripples.

It has minimal shading, at the clients request.



Size; Height 8 cm.

This little design originally features on a flash sheet, with multiple designs but the client wanted to customise it a little.

We are always happy to help make it your own ink. Just get in touch.



Size; Height 18 cm.

This little design is intended to remind the client about finding a balance between order & chaos.

The middle of the design is rotating  , the  top half of the design is ordered (with directional arrows), whilst the bottom is chaotic and falling apart.



Size; Height 10 cm.

The design is inspired B-DNA (the most common double helical structure found in nature, which stores biological & genetic information)

It was designed for 2 brothers, to represent their differences and similarities.

It features a dodecahedron (in 2 forms), molecular hexagons, seed of life, icosahedron. The design has 2 sections, which are both separated & joined.

Copyright The art may be angled , cropped or watermarked for copyright reasons, please do not use the art.  Tattoo Services

Please head to the website to see how we can help you

Tattoo Flash Head over to the shop to see flash designs Thanks Huge thanks go out to my fab clients Thank you for taking the time to look at my blog. Inky love x Dionne



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