Digital | Tattoo Flash | Exclusive Rights


Each design is available for exclusive use, once purchased.

Each design is created to order, and may uo to take 7 days 

Once finished the design artwork will be emailed to you


Once purchased, you will be able to download, print & take into a tattoo studio.


Please inform which design you want to get exclusive rights to (Name and #number)

EXCLUSIVE | Solar | 1

  • This design is inspired by the solar system. It features the planetary orbits (at the top of the design) A tetrahedron fire symbol (sun) Air symbol, Icosahedron symbol.

    Planets (in order) include; Moon, Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus & Neptune

    The design features clean lines and dot-work, which fades out at the edges. The design is ideal for a forearm.


Creator of Sacred Geometry

& Nature Illustration

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