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|| Drypoint creates a slightly raised ragged rough edge to the lines, known as the burr. Created on copper, aluminium & plastics ||

I create drypoints on card, acrylic, aluminium or copper. I prefer to use aluminium. I draw into the surface using a combination of tools. My favourite is a tattoo machine. I also use a Dremel & drypoint tools with ceramic, diamond, agate & hematite stone tips. This is a less precise technique than etching, but I like to challenge myself with adding in as much detail as I can. Lines can be layered up and have a looser feel , but the aesthetic is still the same.

I love the softness of a drypoint & how it contrasts with an etching. I like to create tone by leaving a little ink on the plate. The plate itself is a beautiful object, especially in aluminium. Each drypoint is created in a small edition.

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