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Behind The Scenes

|| Studio Secrets for the enlightened inner circle ||

I can be found on Instagram as @punctured_artefact. I use the platform to post studio shots, work in progress, alongside features about my latest work or finished pieces. As I work across many disciplines, my instagram can be quite eclectic. I realise everything won’t be of interest to everyone, but hopefully you will enjoy the posts. Comments & likes are always appreciated & it also helps with the dreaded Instagram algorithm. Allowing my work to actually be seen! You can also head to my blog for projects, the News (Esoteric) page one the website & Facebook (Puncturedartefact)
I have a fascination with Sacred Geometry. I love symbolism. I love nature. I love intricacy & complexity. I always aim to combine the 4. I love geometric shapes with a strong organic character. In the same way, I love organic shapes with a strong geometric character. My art often features motifs or patterns which may reveal & hide their meaning. I also love, the macabre, Art Deco, constructivism, futurism, mythology & medieval art.

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