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Wear your ink on your wall or your skin. Creator of handmade tattooed leather art , custom tattoo designs & flash art


Submission Note


Please supply full details e.g. approx. dimensions, individual motifs, general theme, symbolism, & placement on the body. If you do not include full details , you may not receive a reply (Due to the high level of general enquiries)


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Punctured Artefact creates handmade, tattooed, tooled , stitched leather art & artefacts. Creators of custom tattoo & 'ready to wear' tattoo art.

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Hang your ink

Each limited edition design is intricately detailed and hand-drawn with a tattoo machine. Inked in flowing lines, creating interconnecting patterns of sliced, shattered, broken organic and geometric motifs. Which are further enhanced by the use of traditional, decorative leather techniques.


Each piece is created from our original artwork & is totally unique. No two pieces will ever be the same.


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Custom your ink

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Bee symbolism blog


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Everything is original artwork , created in our signature 'organic geometric' style.


Read more about our custom work on the custom page. 


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Flash your ink

Our flash art is created in the unique Punctured Artefact style.


Just go to our flash page , click on your chosen theme (or use the dropdown menu)  and then purchase the design you love!  


We will then send over a link to download the artwork.

Print your ink

Coming soon > We will soon be launching our range of papery things! Limited edition inky art prints, cards and apparel.

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Cosmic Wolf


Print & T shirt


Coming soon

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Symbolic ink

Follow the Black line

We love to spend time thinking up new inky designs, so get in touch if you want something which is unique to you. We quote based on each individual brief.


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Tattooed leather art


Stag symbolism blog


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New work in progress


Pattern Home strip SQUARE IA_1

Namaste half sleeve

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Inky patterns


Design detail. This design features a cicada, with wings to body. The cicada is symbolic of self-expression, longevity, renewal (or rebirth) & love. The flower is based on the hydrangea. The geometric background is inspired by sacred geometry (seed of life) & ironwork.


Blood creation sleeve & hand

Wolf crop SQ

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In the press 

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New ink


Studio shots & New ink


This design is based on sacred geometry. This piece features a ‘tree of life’, platonic solids, flower of life, the alchemical symbols for air, water, earth & fire. Ideal for an arm, leg or up the spine.

Sphere tree

custom ink 

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Black & white volume 3


Features; Punctured Artefact and 400 world wide artist

GUITAR INK. Hollow Earth





One of a kind, handmade flamed maple guitar (Telecaster style)


A recent collaboration with Steve Marlow of 'Marlow Guitars’ for an up coming exhibition of ‘Art guitars’


This design is inspired by the ‘Hollow earth’ theory, which proposes that the earth is either entirely hollow or has a large interior space, containing a subterranean land or realm inside the earth. (This is often appears in mythology, folklore & legends)


It features geometric skulls, snakes, and cosmic influences.


It is inked on both the front & back with 0.05 and 0.1 fine line pens, with dots … lots of really tiny dots … ....... ........




The exhibition features collaborations with well established & emerging artists, including Inkie, Pure Evil, Helen Vine & Patrick Fisher.






Venue & information


Will be posted shortly ...







Marlow Art Guitars Facebook          West London Art Factory




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Work in progress

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Inky patterns


Design detail. This design is perfect as a sternum design. It features the flower of life, Metatron's cube, arrows & a lotus flower.


This custom design features a spherical tree, containing the 5 platonic solids & Aether circle.


'Killer Bee'