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Metatron 2. Vortex



This design is from our • ready •to •wear • ink • collection.

The picture shows a section of the final artwork or an angled photograph (for copyright purposes)

The final artwork will contain the whole, flat image.


Metatron 2. Vortex

This design features a Metatron’s Cube, with spinning square & dot shadin


The Metatron's Cube is a name for a geometric figure based on 13 equal circles. With lines from the centre of each circle, extending out to the centres of the other 12 circles. It contains every shape that exists within the universe. Those shapes are the building blocks, which make up all physical matter and are known as the Platonic Solids. Apart from its religious & geometric significance, the Metatron’s cube is said to be a powerful symbol of protection, able to keep away demonic and other unwanted influences.


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• Outline art  
•  Line- work art (Shading)
• Series of presentation files and photos, suitable for sharing with studios or on social media
• Certificate of authenticity


The artwork is cropped so that it can be printed, to the size you require. It may also contain PDF files, which are set to the size the design was drawn. If you want to make the a lot design smaller than the original, you may need to edit the really fine detail out with your tattooist.

H 18CM W 16CM


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The designs are created exclusively, by one independent artist. We have intentionally set a higher pricing structure to ensure that your design will not be seen on lots of people!


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