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Flower 9. Falling Triangles


FLOWER 9 | Falling Triangles

Thank you for discovering and liking my work!
Here are a few notes about your inky art…


This design features traditional rose with falling triangles.


The flash sheet ‘Day of the dead’ also contains this rose, combined with a sugar skull.

• Rose only H 10 x W 6.8 cm

INK - The level of detail is appropriate for this size of tattoo. If you would like your tattoo to be smaller, your artist may need to use finer needles or reduce the level of detail.


1. Outline (stencil)  & fill (design shading) folders, containing jpg, png or tiff files (please print at any size you want) The Tiff and png files are higher resolution.
2. PDF files. The PDF if created at the size the artwork was drawn (see below)
3. Thank you card, design with logo (to keep and save, not intended to be used as the stencil) & photos
4. Your outline folders may also include a sub folder called, no dots. Or the design with no dots (alongside the one with dots.) The ‘no dots’ files shows the design with the dotted lines (I used to do the shading) as solid lines. Your tattoo artist may want to use this file for the stencil (as they will be able to see the solid lines easier) They will of course, still need to dot the solid lines.


Hope you don’t mind but here are some tips of recreating the artwork. I would recommend that you discuss some of these points with your chosen tattooist

- This has a moderately high level of detail; hopefully the tattooist can capture this (it may be a challenge, so you may want to choose an experienced tattooist) It is easier to edit down than add to it! The design is created so that if it is edited down, it will not loose the essence of the design.

- Many of the smaller detailed lines have been created with v fine lines with tapered / disappearing ends. This makes the design a little more refined. (Flicking the pen/ needle up at the end

- The dot work is also created with a fine point or varying weights (no heavy areas of solid black)

- The lines are subtly different weights (generally, the main motifs are a heavier line weight on the edges or underneath) so; I would avoid having the entire outline created in one weight of needle.

- Many of the lines may be angled in one direction (it is my style)

- I believe the best effect is often to follow the stencil without any interpretation, if you would like the tattoo to look like the drawing

- Part of the design may need to be inked with fine gauge or a single needle, to get the contrast in line weights or detail.

- Generally, my main advice would be to keep the dot work and lines clean and light

Good luck!

If you have any problems downloading the files - let me know.

I will keep them 'up there’ 2 days, before removing them.  If you need longer, let me know!


Wishing you lots of luck with your inking.

Its always lovely to see pictures of the tattoo, so if you did feel like sharing, that would be great!

Protect your art - Please do not leave paper copies in the tattoo studio & delete all digital files

Thanks in advance for not sharing the artwork files on any social media websites :) (The angled artwork photos are fine!)

Keep happy

Dionne x
Dionne Marshall

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