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  • Etching | Goliath Beetle

    || Adventures In Printmaking || ⁠ Mini Beetle Copper Etching | 5.5cm x 10 cm | Process Video || This ⁠ • Height 10 cm x 5.5 cm width ⁠ • Hand Cut Copper Etching.⁠ 1 minute | Full Process Video | Mini Beetle Etching | Goliath Beetle | Punctured Artefact Prints • I recently had the opportunity to do a quick

  • LEATHER ART | Beetle Commission

    It features a geometric beetle with gem like shapes. Limited Edition : 1 of a kind. Contact Us | Shop Leather Art Link | || Limited Edition || Little Leather Pieces Featuring Beetles Are

  • FLASH INK | New | Beetles

    Flash Tattoo Design | New Art | Beetle 12 | In Circles BEETLE 12 | In Circles The design features a stag beetle, set inside a series of circles. Symbolism | The stag beetle often represents the triumph of good over evil | SHOP NOW || Instant Download Similar Designs TATTOO FLASH BEETLES. ALL INSECTS MANDALA Leather Art Head over to the shop to see our beetles tattooed in Leather Copyright

  • FLASH INK | 5 New Beetle Designs

    round up the latest Flash designs which went onto the website this week || This is a series of 5 small beetle designs, which sit within the 5 platonic solids. | BEETLE 10 | Byctiscus Rugosus | This design features a beetle with a tooth-nosed snout sitting inside a Tetrahedron. It is also linked to creating change | Shop It is also available with the beetle only here | BEETLE 9 here | BEETLE 8 | Borolinus Javancius | The Borolinus Javancius beetle is a member of the Rove beetle

  • CUSTOM INK | Jewels |

    | JEWELS | | Small Custom Tattoo Design | Final Design This design features a flying June Beetle (also called a May Beetle) | SYMBOLISM | In many cultures, the June beetle is seen as a symbol of transformation This is because they begin life as grubs underground before emerging as adult beetles. Thanks go out to my fab client for commissioning this piece. >>>>> | TATTOO FLASH | Here is a June Beetle

  • NEW LEATHER | Stag Beetle Diamond

    NEW LEATHER  | STAG BEETLE DIAMOND | Tattooed by hand on premium vegetable tanned ethically sourced leather | The design features a stag beetle & geometric background. Head to the Beetle Tattoo Flash Available as an instant download Look at this design || BEETLE PRODUCTS || BEETLE BLOG POSTS || Thanks Thank you for taking the time to look at my

  • PRINTMAKING | Etching

    Dodecahedron Beetle | Copper | Etching With Burnished Aquatint | Intaglio describes any printmaking This is a little plate, from the geometric beetle series. It features a beetle within a dodecahedron. It combines geometry & nature.

  • FLASH INK | NEW - 4 new designs

    . | BEETLE 5 | June Bug | The June bug is also called May beetle or June beetle. These heavy bodied red-brown beetles commonly appear in the Northern Hemisphere during warm spring evenings

  • CUSTOM INK | Twin Flames | Archive

    The lotus blossom sits on the hand The design wraps around the arm, and the join includes a bee & beetle

  • CUSTOM INK | Flying June Bug

    Instead, it’s a common name applied regionally to a variety of different beetle species. Often know as the Chafer Beetle ‘June bugs’ are not very skilled aviators. geometry have been selected from the patterns created from their daughters birth chart & birth date. | BEETLE studio | LINKS to other Insect inspired flash Insect Tattoo Flash Nature Tattoo Flash | PRINTMAKING | Beetles View Here | LEATHER ART | Beetles | You can find beetles in my store.

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