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Tattoo Flash | 20% Off Bee Designs


TATTOO FLASH | 20 % Off | Instant Download

Today is World Bee Day. So, we are offering 20% off for a limited time!

TATTOO FLASH | 20 % Off | Nature & Geometry Designs | Instant Download | Punctured Artefact |

| 20 % Off | For A Limited Period |

• The designs blend geometry & nature.

• The designs are sent to you in the form of a download link.

• You can then download / print & take them into a tattoo studio.

• Limited to 1 personal use only. (Full T&Cs on website)

Designs include;

• Certificate of authenticity

• Outline art (Used for the stencil)

• Design Detail (Dot Work Shading)

• Miscellaneous - Your download may contain a series of presentation files (with our logo) or social media sharing files

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