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FLASH INK | 5 new designs


|| Here is a round up the latest Flash designs which went onto the website this week ||

| MANDALA 51 | Triple Cube |

MANDALA 51 | Triple Cube | Geometric Tattoo Flash

The design is inspired by Geometry the number 3 & impossible shapes

Symbolism | Mandala (Sanskrit: 'circle') is a spiritual and ritual symbol, representing the Universe.

The term is of Hindu origin, but is also used in other religions, particularly Buddhism.

In various spiritual traditions, mandalas are used as a spiritual teaching tool, and as an aid to meditation.

In common use, mandala has become a generic term for any plan, chart or geometric pattern that represents the cosmos metaphysically or symbolically |  


| MANDALA 45 | Elongated Cube |

Mandala 45 | Elongated Cube | Tattoo Flash | Geometric Mandala | Instant Download

The design features a mandala with geometric angular patterns.


| OWL 7 | Turning Heads |

Owl 7 | Tattoo Flash | Instant Download | Tawny Owl | Turning Heads

The design features the back of a Tawny Owl, with its head turned. The moon is also depicted within the design. The design includes 2 variations, one which exclusively uses dot work as the shading, and one which has a more geometric feel, and includes fine lines.

Symbolism | Words associated with the owl are ; wisdom, mystery, transition, messages, intelligence, mysticism, protection, secrets |


| METATRON 26 | Dodecahedron |

METATRON 26 | Dodecahedron | Geometric Tattoo Flash | Sacred Geometry Mandala | Instant Download

The design contains a Metatron’s Cube & Platonic solids, found in Sacred Geometry

Symbolism | Metaron’s Cube is a name for a geometric figure composed of 13 equal circles with lines from the centre of each circle extending out to the centres of the other 12 circles. It is used within Sacred Geometry |


| ASTROLABE 8 | Compass |

Astrolabe 8 | Compass | Tattoo Flash | Instant Download | Symbolic Geometry

The design features an astrolabe with a compass star, set inside a polygon structure without sides. 

Symbolism | An Astrolabe ( "star-taker”) is an elaborate inclinometer , historically used by astronomers, navigators, and astrologer. Its many uses include locating and predicting the positions of the Sun, Moon, planets, and stars, determining local time and to cast horoscopes |



The art may be angled , cropped or watermarked for copyright reasons, please do not use the art. 

Tattoo Flash

Head over to the shop to see other flash designs which feature Sacred Geometry | Botanical | Mandala | Geometry


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