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|| Drawings start as scribbles on paper, before being progressed & refined as digital lines in Adobe Illustrator ||

I generally begin by collecting reference images, notes & scribbles. In my self directed work, I try to create a series of drawings which create a collection. One example of this is my teardrop collection. I like to do variations on a theme, as I tend to evolve many different designs at the same time. One tends to lead to another.
Unlike many other artists I don't work with sketch books, there is something awful about that book of blank pages. I often start a drawing with no real plan. I discard a lot of scribbles quickly before hitting on a very basic composition in the form of written notes, arrows & blocks. I then scan it in and begin to refine the composition in Adobe Illustrator. Working digitally, allows me to hide and/or add layers of detail. I can then decide on what I like & what I don't. Or save ideas for future use. Most of my drawings then becomes fully developed vector line drawings. I then decide if I want to create the art in giclee print, digital, intaglio or leather.

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