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As we create our designs uniquely for you, we don’t follow a pricing structure. We quote depending on the amount of motifs or general complexity of your design & the time that will be dedicated to it. A 50% deposit is required before any design work is undertaken, payment is through PayPal or bank transfer. The balance payment is paid upon completion of artwork. We can also provide a quote for an ‘instant custom’ design. The design will be created from your brief but will not include feedback & changes. The cost is much lower than a normal collaboration quote.



I am the sole designer in this little studio; so you may encounter a wait list (for custom or leather) so, please take this into consideration. We advise you to allow 2 months (just in case!) If you need a design urgently it may be possible if there is an unplanned opening in the wait list (just get in touch to chat about it) We aim to complete each design within 2-3 weeks (large) 1-2 weeks (small& medium)



Here at P.A, we treat each design as an exciting new project, a creative opportunity to get lost in some research, get inspired & scribble away! We do not use any form of clip art, stock or web images or tattoo flash books. We come up with design ideas for you, based on the kinds of things you like or that are important to you. Throughout the design process you are sent ‘sketchbooks’. They are your opportunity to provide feedback & approve the art. The final (high-resolution) design files are digital downloads. They include; outline (for stencil) shading, presentation images & photos (for social media.) The signed original art can be purchased for a small additional cost.

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The completed design will be exclusive to you. There is no danger of anyone else having your exact design. (We can reduce the final balance fee a little if you are happy for the design to be placed on our flash pages.) Individual motifs (within complex designs) or rejected designs created within the project may be isolated or developed & used in the ‘flash’ section of our site. Clients are provided with a digital certificate of authenticity. This can be taken with you to a tattoo studio. Designs will never be replicated in their exact form. The design you approve is exclusive to you.

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leather commission

We love to take on commission work. Small or large-scale work is undertaken. We can work on creating a new piece of art or we can create something you may have seen in the leather shop, flash or custom art. We can also add personal message to the rear of the art. Get in touch, to chat about your brief & budget & we can provide a quote to you. Did you know leather is the article for a third wedding anniversary?

leather customisation

If you have found something in the shop and would like it customised with a personal message or motif, just get in touch. We can add personal message to the rear of the art or in some cases we can personalise the front (if it works with the design.)

leather process

Each piece is created from an original artwork and is totally unique. Premium untreated natural veg tan leather is the base for all pieces. The leather is selected by the look and feel of the grain. The decorative and detailed line-work is tattooed onto the leather (with a traditional tattoo machine). To bring out the line-work and beauty of the leather, leather-working techniques are used (e.g. dyeing, burnishing, tooling & embossing.) Each piece is presented on a wooden panel, with hanging hardware. I have developed my technique over the years, so that the lines remain clean, crisp & precise. I try to ensure that the leather remains as natural in look & feel as possible. Punctured Artefact has a unique & identifiable style and unfortunately we are unable to give any further details of our techniques.



You can visit our leather shop to purchase a design. Each design is generally in stock; however if it is not, it may take 2-3 weeks to complete (depending on the size) to get to you. You can get in touch, if you want to know if it is in stock before you buy it.

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We take on small & large-scale commission work across all our formats. We can adapt all motifs and designs, to suit leather, flash, wall art, and graphics. We can create very large-scale leather or wall art for individuals or companies. We also love to create identity art (sometimes to include the logo), t-shirt or apparel, wall art (posters, framed art) graphics (music, promotions, events) Just get in touch to discuss.



If you have not purchased an item, please do not attempt to use any art across any of our formats (flash, custom, leather, art) without the permission of Punctured Artefact. This includes downloading for personal or professional use

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flash download

Flash art files include the outline (stencil) shading (dots) presentation (social media sharing.) Once you have purchased a flash design, you will receive a receipt via PayPal. The download is not automatic. It will be sent manually to you as an email (we will aim to get the link to you as soon as we can & may take up to 2 days) Links will be sent to you during opening hours (Monday to Friday, 9 - 6 pm United Kingdom) Whilst we will try to send them out over the weekend, it cannot be guaranteed (it may take up to 2 days, if purchased during a weekend) If you need your art in a rush, please contact us via email & we will do our best.

flash customisation

We are happy to customise a flash design & can provide a quote. This may include; changing the size, combining more than one design together, changing a section of the design, adding or omitting an element, adding in a personal motif (Note; we don’t include text in our art)

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Please provide as much information as possible. Enquires which do not include the brief or theme & dimensions or sleeve size (e.g. upper half sleeve) may not receive replies. If you have not heard from us within 1 week, please check your spam folders.