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We only take on a few projects at a time, so that we can spend as much time as possible on each one. The current wait list for custom designs, now has a few openings left for January



Ouroboros Icosahedron


The design is one of 5 small designs, which depict 5 gods within the 5 platonic solids |


New flash

This design features a spinning Metatron’s cube (a geometric figure composed of 13 equal circles )

Falling triangle icon

Future release

We have lots of ideas on the go. If you see something in the flash section, which says enquire or coming soon. It is on our never ending list of things to do. Just get in touch & we will do our best to get it inked


Punctured art

We are planning to release limited edition prints & t-shirts later this year. Here is a preview of our last work in progress ' Collider' . Get in touch if you want to collaborate with us!


Personal work

We are currently inking entomology frames as part of our organic geometry series. Commissions on this theme are also welcome.


Get in touch


Submission Note

Please supply full details e.g. approx. dimensions, individual motifs, general theme, symbolism, & placement on the body. If you do not include full details , you may not receive a reply (Due to the high level of general enquiries)