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Submission Note


• Please supply full details e.g. approx. dimensions, individual motifs, general theme, symbolism, & placement on the body. If you do not include full details , you may not receive a reply (Due to the high level of general enquiries)


• If you have not heard from us within 2 weeks,  please check your spam folders (as our emails often go there!)

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Design fees


As we create our designs uniquely for you, we don’t follow a pricing structure.


We quote depending on the amount of motifs or complexity of your design and the time that will be dedicated it.


A 50% deposit is required before any design work is undertaken, payment is through PayPal invoice or bank transfer. The balance payment should be paid upon artwork completion (before any artwork is released. )

Design style


All the designs we create have a signature ‘Punctured Artefact’ style.  

If you like our work, then we will create a design you love!


Our mixed up style is ....


Geometric and organic • Angular and fluid lines • Symbolic & interconnected shapes •

• Symmetry is also a signature design feature, but we can also do asymmetrical designs!

• Inked in an ‘open’ style, with straight , sweeping  & tapered lines with a small amount of pointillism.

• Black (or Black with 1 or 2 statement highlight colours)



We love to design in our own unique way,  

So sorry (!) but we wont be able to take on projects which require a different style or approach. 

All seeing eye

Your inky art


We are happy to work with your ideas (if you have any!) 

Or, we can come up with some design ideas for you,

based on the kinds of things you like or that are important to you.


Inky sketchbooks


Throughout the design process you are sent ‘sketchbooks’.


Final artwork


The final design will include the outline (for stencil)  & shading plan.

High resolution files will be created & uploaded to a file sharing site, for download.

Punctured Artefact

Creates original tattoo art



Here at P.A, we treat each design as an exciting new project ....

a creative opportunity to get lost in some research, get inspired & scribble away!


We do not use any form of clip art, stock images, tattoo flash books, re worked or photo-shopped images.


Every inch of the design is created from our hand drawn sketches.


We like to take our time to create a unique design & wont rush your art!


The design will be unique to you ... No danger of anyone having the same tattoo!

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Copyright of Punctured Artefact Moth design



We would love you to share our inky art, but ... Please do not download, copy or use any of our artwork & leather designs .



Please be respectful of the art and clients.

We are only a small inky studio and this matters to us alot!


Punctured Artefact, owns the design rights on all inky custom art.






Customising a flash design


Like something in the flash section but want to personalise it?


We are happy to create a custom design for you, which is based on,  or includes one of our flash designs.


Inky example


The brief


We like to create designs with symbolism, spending time looking through old books or researching meanings.


A client may give us a few words to describe their vision and where we can , we like to use symbolic motifs to create their vision.


This custom inky design contains personally symbolic references, which have been combined to create one flowing piece of art.


The main ‘inkspiration’ comes from water and an octopus.


Read more about this ink.


Read my symbolic blog posts.

Sacred Nature


Half sleeve design


This design features complex pattern of organic and geometric shapes (our signature style!)


Inspired by


Geometric art, sacred geometry,  platonic solids, flower of life, anatomy, flowers, foliage, birds (American Robin)


Symbolic ink


Read my symbolic blog posts

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Check out more inky art


Follow the black line .....


Wordpress Blog


Website Blog : Custom section









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Our inky art

Sacred Nature Sleeve


Spirit Nature Half Sleeve

Sacred planets sleeve Sacred nature

Sacred Point Arm Design

Sacred Octopus Sleeve Design

Sacred Planets Sleeve Design

Owl Mandala Back  Design

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Freedom Arm Design

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Contact us


Got an inky idea? 

Get in touch using the contact form or mail to Dionne@PuncturedArtefact.com


FPlease provide  a full brief (e.g. approx. dimensions, individual motifs, general theme, symbolism, placment on the body) We also love to work on an open brief!



Wait list


Oh dear (!)


• My name is Dionne & I am the sole deisgner maker in this little studio. So, I thought I should let you know, that there is generally a have a wait list for design or leather work (sorry!) So, please take this into consideration. We advise you to allow 2- 3 months, just in case! Get in touch to chat about it.

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Sacred Moth Sternum Design

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Send us;


 Brief (theme or motifs) Estimated dimensions • sleeve type (Full, upper or lower arm) • symbolic meaning • placement (on the body)


Note; We will prioritise all enquiries with full details first  

* Required