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By P.A, May 23 2014 05:57PM


The Wolf has always been a symbol of evil, as well as good. It has many different meanings across the world.

The Egyptians also worshipped the wolf, naming the city Lycopolis after the creature. In their mythology the wolf acted as a psychopomp, a creature who guided the souls of the dead into the afterlife. Anubis, had the head of a wolf (or wild dog or jackal)

In Greece it was associated with the Gods Zeus and Apollo, as a symbol of masculine energy, power and sexuality.

By P.A, Feb 23 2014 06:29PM


What does it symbolise?

The symbolic message behind the hummingbird, is said to have initially come from the Nazca plains in Peru, where a giant hummingbird is carved into the ground and only recognisable from the air. Created by the Aztecs , so that their gods could see the images from the heavens.

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