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By P.A, Dec 17 2015 04:04PM


Alchemical sleeve

Full sleeve

This inky design wraps around the arm, joining with a tree of life.

Contained within this design are many alchemical references.

Planetary and metal symbols, a double caduceus, sun, moon & universe , cosmos clouds, elemental symbols, philosophers stone, pyramids, all seeing eye, platonic solids & snake tree of life

Huge thanks go out to my fab client!

Inky Love

By P.A, Sep 2 2015 05:00AM

CUSTOM INK. Borneo Yantra

Height; 25 cm.

This inky design features a Sri Yantra as the main motifs. Borneo inspired botanicals & bugs are integrated into the Yantra. Including a pitcher plant, creeping vines, bird of paradise flower and leaf, orchids, fan palm leaves, cicadas, insect wings, split leaf philodendron & dragon scales plant.

It also features hints of colour in the form of solid lines and areas of dots

Thanks go out to my client!

The Yantra is a linear geometric figure that embodies in a symbol, the spoken chant or mantra. In essence, it is a symbol of the cosmos. If sand is placed on a taut surface and the ‘aum’ sound is chanted, the sand will vibrate and move into a yantra shape.

Read more here;



By P.A, Aug 21 2014 11:48AM



Wrapped sleeve design

This design features a mass of symbolism connected to the duality of life and death.

Motifs include; Geometric Mandala, Wolf skull & wild 'dog' rose, snakes swallowing a chaos wheel, ram skull, red hand of Ulster, dice, dandelion seeds, hummingbirds, all seeing eye, flower of life, Inner cosmos (earth, moon, sun) the 4 elements, platonic solids, sacred geometry, feathers, branches & leaves of the world tree.

The design is a clean ,open style with fine line and dot work detail.

Thanks to a brilliant client , who was as interested in symbolism as I am!

To see examples of my other custom work, look here

Wolf symbolism blog

Copyright: Punctured Artefact. Please do not use.


By P.A, Aug 9 2014 09:00AM



H 17 cm

This design features grey Goshawks , a star, the Fibonacci spiral & Yantra, symbols representing divine, earth & motherhood.

You may like this post on the Yantra & its symbolism

Thanks to my fab client

By P.A, Jul 25 2014 08:44AM


Symbolic Ink: New beginning (18cm H)

This design features lots of personal symbolism ... The main motif is the skull of a bull, surrounded by a geometric hourglass with triangular sands of time, Eye of Horus, scarab beetles, lotus flower, hamsa hand, inguz & mere dane symbols & flower of life pattern.

Huge thanks to my client for the lovely project, and it was really fab to work with you x

By P.A, Jul 6 2014 07:14PM


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A selection of Mandala tattoo flash
A selection of Mandala tattoo flash

Avaialble on our Mandala ready to wear flash page

Mandala (Sanskrit: 'circle') is a spiritual and ritual symbol, representing the Universe.

The term is of Hindu origin, but is also used in other religions, particularly Buddhism.

In various spiritual traditions, mandalas are used as a spiritual teaching tool, and as an aid to meditation.

In common use, mandala has become a generic term for any plan, chart or geometric pattern that represents the cosmos metaphysically or symbolically.

Read more about the mandala and its symbolism here

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