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By P.A, Oct 24 2014 11:43AM

Ink // Tattooed on leather


In reclaimed ash frame, with leather inlay

50 x 70 cm


I thought I would share my latest piece of 'death head devotion' with you!

If you 'follow' my work on any of the social platforms, you will by now have seen the piece now called ‘Rhythm of life’ (in progress)

It was created for the exhibition of over 40 ‘skull artists’ from around the world, curated by Mr Four Fingers.

The exhibition runs in Shoreditch, London . Find out more HERE. It runs from Halloween, so if you are in the London area, go see it, its got some truly inspirational artists showing there!

It is called ‘Rhythm of life’

It features 3 skulls (front, side and the mandible) set within a geometric hourglass and falling sand. Alongside a few of my symbolic favorites … botanicals, snake, mandala, cosmos.

In a couple of previous posts , I have talked about how my work is created (linked below)




So, I will keep this post short and show you the start to finish shots. And not talk too much!

My work is created on vegetable tanned natural leather, which is tattooed with one needle (yes a single needle!) by a regular tattoo machine, it is then ‘tooled’ and embossed to add some depth .


Choosing the leather

Starting the design

Adding in detail

The process is immensely time consuming, with layers and layers of fine lines to get the right weights. It is rather a labour of love in more ways than one! The nature of the material means the needle bounces and cuts and tears into the leather, making a smooth line pretty tricky!

Watch this space, as I will be releasing a LIMITED EDITION art print, soon!

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Here are some pics of the final thing! In a reclaimed ash frame, with leather inlay

Thanks for reading, get in touch to commission a new INKY piece @ Dionne@PuncturedArtefact.com

By P.A, Sep 26 2014 09:25AM


(Work in progress)

“Celebrate life’

For an upcoming exhibition (click here to see the previous post)

It features 3 skulls (front, side and the mandible) set within a geometric hourglass and falling sand. Alongside a few of my favorites … botanicals, snake, mandala, cosmos.

Tracing done (wow, it took some time to do!) Now to start the outline (eek)

Watch this space for further updates on how it is progressing!

By P.A, Jun 27 2014 11:40AM

Work in progress

Here is a shot of a new print i am working on

'Bare Bones'

It is based on a leather piece I created but has alot of new additons.

The Art Print, will be available at some point soon, along with my 'Mmere Dane' and 'Sacred Botanicals' piece.

Watch this space for more inky updates.

By P.A, Apr 16 2014 04:42PM

Todays desk ...

I am busy on 2 commissions for 3rd wedding anniversary (leather!)

Drawing onto leather with one needle, building up the line width in lots of tiny layers... Now in need of an eye test!

Entomology commission
Entomology commission

Dragon & Tiger commission

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