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By P.A, May 2 2017 06:29PM



Custom Tattoo Design - small/medium

Size; Height 13.5 cm.

The design is inspired by the connection between 2 people. It forms part of a sleeve design.

It features, 2 skulls. 1 male, 1 female, joined together. With geometric heart & lotus petal mandala.

The art is angled for copyright reasons, please do not use the art.

You can purchase & download ‘ready to wear’ flash inspired by this piece at the link below.

Thanks go out to to my lovely client x

Mandala ink

Skull ink


Have a wonderful week ahead

Inky love x

By P.A, Aug 20 2015 05:44PM

CUSTOM INK. Darkness

Full sleeve (wrapped)

This design is dark art and alchemical inspired.

It features multiple of layers of symbolism merged together.

Including; a ram skull, moon cycles, pentagrams, all seeing eye, vein like fire, snake wrapped trees, alchemical, metal & elemental symbols, anatomical heart, sigil of Lucifer, death head moth, geometric patterns, hidden initials.

The photos show how the design wraps around the arm.

Thanks as ever … go out to my lovely client. It was fun to create this with you!

Note: The photographs are taken on a slight angle, for copyright purposes

By P.A, Jan 6 2015 10:00AM



H 7 cm

This design is centered around personally symbolic motifs around the theme of ’moving on’

The design is symmetrical with a skull and heart at the center. 2 pyramids (with all seeing eye) are mirrored above and below, creating a skull and cross. Symbolic motifs include arrows, circle, cubes (steps), military, platonic solids.

Thanks go out to my client for sharing their story, it was a pleasure to create this design.

Note: The photographs are taken on a slight angle, for copyright purposes.

Skull Flash

Symbolic flash


By P.A, Sep 26 2014 09:25AM


(Work in progress)

“Celebrate life’

For an upcoming exhibition (click here to see the previous post)

It features 3 skulls (front, side and the mandible) set within a geometric hourglass and falling sand. Alongside a few of my favorites … botanicals, snake, mandala, cosmos.

Tracing done (wow, it took some time to do!) Now to start the outline (eek)

Watch this space for further updates on how it is progressing!

By P.A, Sep 19 2014 09:07AM


Celebrais Vitae

31st October 2014 - 6 November.

@ Box Studio, Shoreditch, London.

We are super excited to announce the date for the opening night of our upcoming skull Exhibition, CELEBRABIS VITAE, on the 31st October 2014 at BOX STUDIOS in Shoreditch. The exhibition will be hosted by the Skull Appreciation Society and Mr Four Fingers, and supported by a host of other artists.

Opening night (31 October)

▪ Skull exhibition and shop (including goodie bags for first 10 purchases)

▪ Live drawing

▪ Rooftop cocktail bar

▪ Tattoo artist

▪ Tarot card reader

• Toast and tribute to celebrate the lives of our past friends and family

Buy tickets (The event is free after the opening evening)


The exhibition brings together work from over 40 artists , from all over the world

Punctured Artefact Mr 4 fingers Noah Scalin Sneaky Studios Boneface Gerrard King

Paul Alexander Thornton Lauren Baker Dr Brezak Kate Knight Virginia the wolf

Hannah Chloe Ben Allen Emily Evans Alfonso Elola Mr Gresty Haku illustration

Iain Macarthur Otto D'Ambra

More artists to follow .....

Join the Facebook page to keep up to date on artist announcements

By P.A, Sep 18 2014 11:00AM


‘ Heraldic Heart ‘

40 cm H

This design is created around personal symbolism and interests. It features a french style heraldic shield, human and stag skull(s) flower of life sacred geometry, platonic solid, botanicals such as ferns , fiddleheads and laurel, alongside the clients 2 whippet dogs.

Huge thanks go out to my fab client x

To see examples of my other custom work, look here

Copyright: Punctured Artefact. Please do not use.

By P.A, Aug 21 2014 11:48AM



Wrapped sleeve design

This design features a mass of symbolism connected to the duality of life and death.

Motifs include; Geometric Mandala, Wolf skull & wild 'dog' rose, snakes swallowing a chaos wheel, ram skull, red hand of Ulster, dice, dandelion seeds, hummingbirds, all seeing eye, flower of life, Inner cosmos (earth, moon, sun) the 4 elements, platonic solids, sacred geometry, feathers, branches & leaves of the world tree.

The design is a clean ,open style with fine line and dot work detail.

Thanks to a brilliant client , who was as interested in symbolism as I am!

To see examples of my other custom work, look here

Wolf symbolism blog

Copyright: Punctured Artefact. Please do not use.


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