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By P.A, Jul 22 2017 03:53PM



Custom Tattoo Design

Size; Width 40 cm.

This design is created to sit across the stomach.

The motifs hold personal symbolism and represents the client & their 2 children (gemini & virgo) & free energy.

It features hummingbirds, acanthus leaves, planets & alchemical symbols to represent children, jasmine flowers, yantra, sun & moon, mountains & flowing water

The art is angled or cropped for copyright reasons, please do not use the art.

You can purchase & download ‘ready to wear’ flash inspired by this piece at the link below.



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Have a wonderful weekend

Thanks as ever go out to my fab client

Inky love x


By P.A, Apr 7 2017 03:58PM



Custom Tattoo Design

Size; full sleeve.

The design is inspired by the theme ‘geometric nature’

It features, a stylised great horned owl & crescent moon as the main motif, with a collection of platonic solids & mandalas & the Japanese hemp pattern in the background.

Section of the design
Section of the design

The art is angled or cropped for copyright reasons, please do not use the art.

A video can be seen on instagram

You can purchase & download ‘ready to wear’ flash inspired by this piece at the links below.

Owl flash

Mandala flash


Thanks go out to my client for this project

Have a wonderful weekend

Inky love x

By P.A, Jan 8 2017 02:40PM


To see a world in a grain of sand.

Custom Tattoo Design.

Size; 43 cm W.

This design is inspired by the William Blake poem Auguries of Innocence.

“ To see a World in a grain of sand.

And a Heaven in a wild flower.

Hold Infinity in the palm of your hand.

And Eternity in an hour."

It features sacred geometry (flower & seed of life) platonic solids (universe building blocks) poppies & a barn owl in flights, with it wings formed from a fibonacci spiral, perched atop a dodecahedron (the polygon which symbolises the universe)

Designed for the back & shoulders.

The photos are sectioned or angled for copyright purposes, please do not use the art.

Inky Love

By P.A, Apr 15 2016 03:26PM


Owl Mandala

Size; 14 cm H x 13 cm W .

This little design features a great horned owl (face), 6 petal lotus blossom (to represent 6 of the family), flower of life, circles & geometric patterns.

Thanks go out to my fab client for this lovely project.

Note: The photographs are taken on a slight angle, for copyright purposes.

A similar design can be found on our FLASH pages, just click here!

Inky love

Owl flash > Symbolic Flash > Instagram

By P.A, Aug 26 2014 10:00AM


'Little song bird’

25 cm H

This design features little song birds perched onto a geometric heart, amoungst passion flowers, narcissus & Nuphar Lutea flowers. With a hawk moth & little bugs.

Thanks to my client for this lovely project!

By P.A, Aug 21 2014 11:40AM



Wrap full sleeve design.

The three-legged crow (Yatagarasu ) is a creature found in various mythologies and arts of Asia, Asia Minor, and North Africa. It is believed by many cultures to inhabit and represent the sun.

This design mixes Japanese inspired motifs and mixes it with clean geometric shapes and patterns.

Including, peonies,water and waves, air, sun and sundays, vesica piscus eye, sacred geometry, flower of life, platonic solids & mandala.

Huge thanks go out to my client , for a fabulous and open brief. Its always great to be able to create within an open brief.

To see examples of my other custom work, look here

Copyright: Punctured Artefact. Please do not use.


By P.A, Aug 9 2014 09:00AM



H 17 cm

This design features grey Goshawks , a star, the Fibonacci spiral & Yantra, symbols representing divine, earth & motherhood.

You may like this post on the Yantra & its symbolism

Thanks to my fab client

By P.A, Jul 25 2014 09:07AM


The Baron In the Trees'

H 16 cm

To represent independence and a return to nature, based on 'The Baron in the Trees' book.

The book, written in 1957 by Italo Calvino tells the adventures of a boy who climbs up a tree to spend the rest of his life inhabiting an arboreal kingdom.

It features 2 birds sitting within a orange and lemon tree.

Thanks go out to my client and the author!

Inky love

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