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Just posts about skulls, because we are a little bit obsessed!

By P.A, Apr 7 2017 03:58PM



Custom Tattoo Design

Size; full sleeve.

The design is inspired by the theme ‘geometric nature’

It features, a stylised great horned owl & crescent moon as the main motif, with a collection of platonic solids & mandalas & the Japanese hemp pattern in the background.

Section of the design
Section of the design

The art is angled or cropped for copyright reasons, please do not use the art.

A video can be seen on instagram

You can purchase & download ‘ready to wear’ flash inspired by this piece at the links below.

Owl flash

Mandala flash


Thanks go out to my client for this project

Have a wonderful weekend

Inky love x

By P.A, Oct 11 2015 10:23AM

CUSTOM INK. Blood Creation

Full sleeve (wrapped) with hand extension.

This inky design wraps around the arm, with an extension onto the top hand and fingers.

Its starting point of this design was ‘family’.

At the bottom of the design, is a reference to mother and father. 6 branches for 6 of the family, with a vesica piscis (mother) and roots/ seed (father) A curve of (semi) circles flow into the next section of the design, representing union.

The middle section, features 4 constellations of each sibling, which join up into 1. There are 4 and then 6 squares to represent the family.

The third section features a sun and moon mandala, with flower of life

Running through the middle of the design is a collection of connecting platonic solids and geometric shapes.

The top of the design is the clients ‘birth mandala’, representing the client and the universe. An eye looks outwards and towards the family. The mandala illustrates where the planets were located on the birth date.

Note: The photographs are taken on a slight angle, for copyright purposes. We would love you to share this inky art, but please don’t use any part of it

Thanks go out to my client! It was a pleasure to create this with you.

By P.A, Aug 20 2015 05:44PM

CUSTOM INK. Darkness

Full sleeve (wrapped)

This design is dark art and alchemical inspired.

It features multiple of layers of symbolism merged together.

Including; a ram skull, moon cycles, pentagrams, all seeing eye, vein like fire, snake wrapped trees, alchemical, metal & elemental symbols, anatomical heart, sigil of Lucifer, death head moth, geometric patterns, hidden initials.

The photos show how the design wraps around the arm.

Thanks as ever … go out to my lovely client. It was fun to create this with you!

Note: The photographs are taken on a slight angle, for copyright purposes

By P.A, Nov 4 2014 06:00AM


‘ Sacred Planets'

Wrapped full sleeve

This design is based on the theme ‘sacred planets’ .

It features a complex pattern of flowing interstellar shapes, the cosmos, planetary orbits, sun and moon orbit, astronomy, astrolabes, planets, sacred geometry, mediative state, chakras and auras, all seeing eye pyramid & alchemical symbols.

Created with fine detail, flowing lines. The shading is open, with contrasting fine lines and dots.

The design meets at the rear, with the tree of life and mediative state elements.

I love to create complex designs , so a huge thanks to my client for the lovely brief x

For more examples of my custom work look here

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