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By P.A, Jun 27 2014 10:05AM


In the ancient world, the bee was very important indeed, as the honey it produced was one of the few naturally occurring sweet substances and it was also a preservative.

Images of the bee can be found on coins from Ephesus, 5th century BC.

In Minoan symbolism the Goddess appears as half woman, half bee.

In Egypt, the bee was the symbol of the lower kingdom

The bee is symbolic of cooperation and industry

One of the symbols of Aphrodite was a golden honey comb. It was believed that the souls of her Melissae priestesses were contained in the bodies of the bees.

Bees produce wax, and as such are linked to Christian places of worship such as abbeys and churches as the monks and nuns used the wax to create candles.

Bees are symbolic of order and immortality.

Queen bees are symbolic of the supremacy of the female. The queen bee only has to mate once, and she produces eggs for the rest of her life. The drone bee then, dies.

The rest of the bees in the hive are all female workers. The drones, unable to feed themselves rely on the female bees for food. Once the queen bee is impregnated, they simply stop feeding the drones until they die from starvation and are then ejected from the hive.

The worker bees also decide amongst themselves, when to create another queen.

If the bee has to defend herself, the sting comes away from the body and she will die. This bees are symbolic of great heroism and sacrifice, unlike the wasp which can sting again and again.

The bee performs an elaborate dance to indicate the whereabouts of a a rich crop of flowers.

Bees are believed to be able to foresee the future, and considered by many to be deities in their own right.

It has been a custom for hundreds of years, for the bee keeper to tell the bees the news of the family and household, especially births and deaths.

A swarm of bees is thought to be carrying the soul of the deceased away with them.

Because bees feed on the nectar of flowers and therefore on sunlight, they are agents of transmutation, making something from nothing.

They construct their honeycomb from thousands of perfectly formed hexagons, also seen in sacred geometry (flower of life)

I create under the name Punctured Artefact, and have featured bees in my work.

I create tattooed and tooled leather art. I ink onto natural veg tan leather using a tattoo machine and one needle.

Here are a couple of bee inspired works


This custom tattoo design was created using bees

Find out more about my custom work here;

Here are a couple of recent additions to my ‘ready to wear’ flash ink.

Find out more about my flash (ready to wear ink) here

If you see a design within the flash section and want to have it customized, get in touch.


Sep 2 2014 07:08PM by Tamara

I really like your post, and your Facebook page. Your stile is really clean and precise. As an entomologist and potential tattoo owner this is so far the closest graphic representation of my wishes. I am especially interested in the wasp graphic (on black background), is that also your work? Will you do some mantis pictures in near future?

Have a nice day - Tamara

Sep 3 2014 09:27AM by dionnemarshall

Hi Tamara, thanks for the message and feedback, thats lovely . I have just googled the image and here is a link to artists behance profile , https://www.behance.net/petrosafshar (Petros Afshar) I plan to do more inky bugs , when I find the time! Have a lovely rest of the week x

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