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Well, here in the studio, we  get asked this Q an awful lot(!) And yes (!) it is incredibly difficult to ink onto  leather without creating a smeary mess (the tattoo machine machine always sprays and stains the leather)


The truth is we are just extremely careful & methodical in our approach (!)  Painstaking  care is taken over each dot of each line of each piece, often having to stop & start over & over again. The processes  are complex & variable and so cannot be summarised. It is a case of test & feel (and we still have disasters where hours of work are ruined by a spray of ink!)  The process is adjusted for every piece that is created (depending on the leather grain, density or design)  


Initial design stages. 1 Design. 2 Line work sketch. 3 Transfer to leather Outline is inked!

New 'large scale designs are on the go!  The next piece ihas a working title of 'Sacred Botanicals'. It features lots of geometric patterns, sacred geometry alongside flowers and botanicals. It will be released as a limited edition print soon!

Always sketching out a new custom project.



Here is one we recently worked on ...


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Sketching out a design

Scribbling out new arrow designs

I would like to use one of your designs as a tattoo, is that ok ?


Every design is copyrighted and is the intellectual property of Punctured Artefact. You should not use any image you download , as a tattoo design. Please get in touch if you would like to purchase the line art or create a custom piece!  



How long will it take to get my leather art?


The smaller leather art may be in stock in small quantities. The larger items are one offs so if it is listed in the shop, we will have it!  It may take up to 2 weeks, if we dont have your design ready in the studio. The downloaded flash will take up to 2 days. A custom design, may take up to a 3 weeks, depending on the complexity. If in doubt, get in touch!

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Custom & create by email

About us          

Punctured Artefact creates handmade, tattooed, tooled , stitched leather art & artefacts. Creators of custom tattoo & 'ready to wear' tattoo art.

Please do not use any artwork without the permission of Punctured Artefact.


Please resepect our custom clients by not using their art!

Each piece is created from an original artwork and is totally unique.

• Premium untreated natural veg tan leather is the base for all pieces.


• The leather is selected by the look and feel of the grain. Depth is created by oiling and dyeing each piece,  to bring out the natural colour and grain of the skin.


• The decorative and detailed linework is tattooed onto the leather (with a traditional tattoo machine). 


• To bring out the line-work and beauty of the leather, leather working techniques are used (e.g tooling & embossing)


• Each piece is finished by bevelling, dying and buffing the edges before being mounted and framed into a 'shadow box' frame  made from worn reclaimed wood  (created by us)


Whether you are looking at our leather, flash or custom art, we always create original artwork. Our designs are illustrated by hand from our original artwork, sketches & ideas. It is really important to us , to create something totally unique & we will dedicate lots of time creating your ink. You wont see your designs on anyone else!

My name is Dionne and I create under the name ‘Punctured Artefact’ from a small (no tiny!) garden studio , on the edge of the Cotswolds, in UK. It is just me, and the radio, so say hi if you want to!


Ink obsessive!

As you can see, I love anything inky. I work across multiple formats , but my ‘first love’ is creating art by tattooing onto leather. Alongside that, I create custom tattoo design , ready to wear  tattoo ‘flash’ art,  fashion accessories & paper products.


With a background in fashion & textile design, patterns and flowing lines feature strongly in all the designs. Creating a fusion of organic and geometric designs.


My main 'inkspiration' comes from the artistry & imagery of modern tattooing, mixed with a never ending love of skulls, geometry, natural V geometric forms, botany, anatomy, symbolism, science & maths,  spirituality and the cosmos , lines & patterns, entomology & geology.


When not in the studio, I can be generally be found, drinking gin, seeing bands, dreaming of,  or planning the next travel trip!


Available for leather art and accessory commissions, logo design, apparel design & custom tattoo design

Uniquely inked            

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We like you to feel like you have purchased a special and unique design. The larger leather pieces are exclusively created as original one offs. The smaller leather pieces are created in limited edition sets of 6 -18 (we only make a limited number of each design , so that we can continue to be inspired and create new designs!) The custom art will be exclusively yours (in that exact form) The flash art we, set a limited number of downloads.

Limited edition            

Desk shot!

We have just introduced a blog onto the website. New posts will be added here, whilst older posts can be found here!


Printed art

Punctured Artefact world .... Busy tattooing, scribbling, skecthing, making, researching, cutting, stitching , sanding and finishing all things inky in our little studio

Flash art

Custom art



‘Geometric Nature’


Sleeve (wrap around)


The design combines geometric shapes and sacred geometry with natural forms.

The design features a geometric ‘tree of life’ surrounded by botanicals and roses, hummingbirds, feathers, bees, geometric mandala, ram skull, flower mandala.






Huge thanks go out to my fab client, it was a pleasure to create this with you x

copyright cross only Format

I love a design but would like it in a different format, can I change it ?




If you see a design you like, but would like it in a different format, just get in touch & ask.


We can adapt all motifs and designs, across the different formats. So, we can ink a design from the flash section onto leather for you or create a piece of flash art from one of our leather designs ! We can also put a design onto a bag or iPad case!

Little Leather Veneers.

Little ink

Little Leather Veneers


120 mm x 170 mm or A5

Presented on wood in a gift box.

Circle Collection


4 " to 12 "

Presented in circular frames

Apparel Collection


Reversible collars & pendants,

cuffs, bags & cases. Made to order.

Please enquire.

Accessories Reversible jewellery cross only cross only

Large ink

Bare bones Bare bones
Connect with nature Entomology Flowers Skulls cross only cross only cross only

Frequently asked questions

I have developed my technique over the years, so that the lines remain clean, crisp  & precise. I try to ensure that the leather remains as natural in look & feel as possible. Punctured Artefact has a unique & identifiable style and unfortunately we are unable to  give any further details of our techniques


Exactly how do you use a tattoo machine on leather?

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